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In order to respond to diverse communications requirements for the plethora of organizations we serve, Ideacom Mid-America has an extensive portfolio of enterprise communications products, and it is growing all the time.  Our focus is in finding high-quality, disruptive technology options that provide our clients with competitive advantages and help to improve their client communications experience.



As an Integrator and Solutions Provider, our goal is to find the technology that fits the way you work.  We have researched and tested many competing products and have confidence in what we represent.  Our teams take a partnership approach to designing solutions, working with you to do a comprehensive assessment of your communications needs before designing a customized solution that gets you the best value.




We believe that you need more from your Solution Providers.  While many providers sell and install products, we know that it takes more than the right product to make a great communication system!


Because of this, we know that real solutions are made of hardware, software, and people.  All three of these elements must come together to create the best communications experience.  With many years of experience in telecommunications and managed IT services, Ideacom Mid-America has the staff that can help you bring all of these pieces together.  Reliable Minneapolis IT consulting is difficult to come by, but as your business partner, we’re dedicated to keeping you educated about emerging technologies while keeping it simple and straightforward.





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With over 60 years of experience and leadership in this fast-changing field, IMA has delivered thoughtful, integrated communication systems and scalable solutions. We tailor your communication system to your needs, to your long-term plans, and to your budget. We support those solutions with dedicated project managers, local technicians, thorough product training and best-practices education.

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For over 60 years we have been innovators in communication technology and system integrations.  Our goal is to provide the best possible solution with best customer service.

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